10 Digital Marketing Strategies that Actually Work

Gone are the days where people used newspapers to advertise. This is the age where almost everyone in the world is online. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to market your business online which is not only cheaper than conventional means but more effective as well. But not all online marketing practices have proven to be useful in the past. We saved you the trouble of trying them all out and created a list of 10 digital marketing practices that actually work.

1. Influencer marketing

You must have seen Instagram models, or people on Facebook promoting certain products or services. These people have a large fan base who would do anything their idol does and this is what makes influencer marketing an effective tool. But the trick lies in approaching the correct influencer for your product or service. This is where a marketing firm comes handy as they have a lot of contacts and they will know the right person for marketing any given product.


2. Social Media Marketing

Using social media is one of the easiest means of directing traffic to your website. Merely sharing an interactive post related to your company can get you a high conversion rate and direct more traffic to your website. Depending on which Facebook groups or Instagram tags you use, the effectiveness of your posts may vary. Again, marketing firms are perfect for this job.


3. On page SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or simply put, it is the practice of making it easier for a search engine like Google to index your website and list it as one of the top results for relevant search inquiries. On-page SEO consists of mostly making the website (or the web page) rich with keywords that are associated with your business. Other factors like the URL and the description of the web page also make a significant difference.


4. Off-page SEO

While on-page SEO concentrates on improving the content of the whole website for search engines, off-page SEO is how you can put up relevant content that links back to your website thus making it seem like your website is a reliable source of information. Doing this will naturally increase the traffic to your website and result in higher conversation rates without you having to publicize yourselves constantly. However, SEO is an art and it is best practiced by digital marketing companies like Cymax Media who specialize in this.


5. Retargeting

Most of the times, users don’t buy your product or engage in your services on the first go, even if they are interested in it. Retargeting refers to the use of cookies to advertise your products or services to the user no matter what part of the web they are surfing. Since they visited your website, they already had an interest in the product or service; they just couldn’t complete the transaction. It might seem like this is a bit creepy, but it is guaranteed to get results.


6. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

There are different ways of putting up advertisement banners on other websites. Pay per click is the most effective way of doing so. As the name suggests, the advertising website is paid a predetermined amount only if a user decides to click on the advertising. This way you can ensure that you are only paying the respective website when you are getting results.


7. Affiliate advertising

Another great way of ensuring results is using affiliate marketing. It is like PPC advertisements, but here you pay the marketer only once an actual sale has been made. This is typically in the form of a commission on the sale. It might be a bit more expensive than PPC advertising, but the effectiveness is way more as it provides much greater value for money.


8. Blogging

Many successful business websites have a blog element in them. This not only helps you create a direct mode of communication with the customer or businesses, but it also helps you gain more publicity among the masses. Another advantage of blogging is that it helps you to optimize your whole website for search engines more than you could by simply optimizing a few informational pages on it.


9. Content Marketing

This may sound a lot like blogging, but it is significantly different. Earlier content writing may have only referred to written articles. However, now all types of content – videos, images, graphics, and audio files are used as well. Determining what kind of content your customer base prefers and then using it to increase the traffic flow to your website is what content marketing is all about.


10. Landing page Optimization

Landing page refers to the webpage that users end up on after clicking a link on some other website or application. Now, when they “land” on this webpage, their attention is directed towards the layout of the web page. If you can strategically change this layout to ensure that there are attractive offers where the user tends to focus the most, then you have a higher chance of making a sale.


Remember, simply ensuring that you follow each of these steps and optimize each of those elements to their full potential won’t increase the conversion rates. You will need to focus on a few of these tactics more than the others depending on your website to ensure that they are effective. A good digital marketing company can help you with this. We hope this post helped you increase traffic to your website and increased your conversion rates.


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Meredith Clawson, a digital marketing specialist at Cymax Media, is an SEO specialist and enjoys testing and implementing new strategies. When she isn’t being a geek, she enjoys cooking up new recipes to test on her unsuspecting family.

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Meredith Clawson, a digital marketing specialist at Cymax Media, is an SEO specialist and enjoys testing and implementing new strategies. When she isn’t being a geek, she enjoys cooking up new recipes to test on her unsuspecting family.

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