Most important tips for reduce your website bounce rate

Do you know about bounce rate? Some people still don’t aware about bounce rate. Bounce rate is visitors leaving your website without moving any other pages. For example someone come to your website by using Search engine results. But if they leaving your website without click to move any other pages, this is called bounce of your website. Typically increase the bounce rate is based on Poor content; website design is not user friendly and irrelevant content in your website what user exactly finds.
reduce website bounce rate

Why reduce the bounce Rate?

If your website bounce rate is very high, you must need to improve your website quality. Typically information website bounce rate is 60% – 70%, blogs bounce 80% – 90% and ecommerce website bounce 30% – 40%. You can monitor your website bounce rate using Google Analytics tool. So how do you reduce website bounce rate? Following key points help you to reduce bounce rate.


Content Quality

Content is king of website, because every search engines crawl and indexed pages based on content quality. Your content should be high quality and relevant to your website, otherwise many users will not move to any other pages and immediately skipped from your website. If your target user is Global audience then must make your content without any grammar mistakes.


Attract visitors

Website Design is important of every user; this should be very user friendly for all. Your website Heading and information font style and size should be Web 2.0 standard. Place high quality images for every information but not too many images in single page, this will be attract your visitors. If you are blogger you can share your knowledge to others through free eBooks.


Improve usability

Usability is most important for every website, if your website is very clean and modern look than only user can access without any straggle. Now-a-days many people reading information by using smart phone, so make your website should be responsive design for support all devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablets.


Following most important points will helps to improve your website quality:

  • Website pages should be fast loading
  • Navigation should be every easy to view
  • Good layout
  • Set external link to open new window


Reduce Advertisements:

Minimize publishing advertisement in your website pages. If your website has too many ads in single page, some people immediately leaving your website, because this will be irritate to read information or redirect your visitor thoughts. We personally advice you can use 2-3 ads per page also it should be relevant to your website content.


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Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email:

Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email:

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