25 Important WordPress websites Tips for improve the Performance and SEO Ranking

Today’s digital world every business must have the website, also more than 30% of the website already built by WordPress Content Management Systems. This will make the better performance rather than other CMS, but the people have to effectively use the WordPress. If you are going to build a new website then you can use the following points to increase your SEO Ranking.


1. Choose right domain

Business website domain name is most important so you have to choose the domain name related to your business keyword. Also, the domain name should be short of 6 – 10 characters.


2. Choose right Web hosting

Today’s many re-seller provide the low bandwidth with low-cost web hosting services. So don’t believe the low price that will be really down your websites. So must choose the right Web hosting provider like GoDaddy, BlueHost, and BigRock.


3. Monitor Uptime

Always monitor your website uptime using uptime robot online tool. This will monitor your website every minute and send you the notification of downtime and uptime.


4. Setup the Auto Backup

All website must need to backup every day this will save your content from an unexpected disaster. You can install the BackWPup plugin, this will auto backup your website and move to your free cloud account like Dropbox.


5. Yoast SEO

This plugin really improves your page content focus keyword, meta descriptions, page title and build the perfect search engine results structures. Yoast SEO is one the best WordPress Plugin, most of the websites and blogs has been installed.


6. Setup XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap collects all of your website URL and indexed to the Google search engine. If you install the Yoast SEO plugin then it will by default generate the all of you XML up to date, but you need to submit the Webmaster tool.


7. Optimize the Media

Images and Video must be optimized and upload to the website and use the “alt”, “Title” to make the SEO friendly media files.


8. Optimize the code

source code must be optimized for the faster page loading. Auto optimizes WordPress plugins helpful to optimize the HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes.


9. Secure with Firewall

Your WordPress website must be installed anyone of firewall plugin like Wordfence plugin. This will be really secure your WordPress from RCE Vulnerabilities and Malware attacks.


10. Setup SSL plugin

You need to install the mixed content remover plugin like SSL Insecure Content Fixer. This will remove your HTTP link and solve the Mixed content issues.


11. Enable Cache

Install the Cache plugin for your website like WP cache plugin, this will be really helpful to make faster of page loading.


12. Enable SEO friendly URL

Permalink is most important for the SEO so you need to select the post name as the URL.


13. Build interlinks

linking your content page with a relevant keyword, don’t use the irrelevant keyword this will really impact your page SEO.


14. Nofollow links

If you provide the outbound link must provide the “nofollow” links, this will not impact the SEO as per the link juice policy.


15. Dofollow links

If you are providing the dofollow link must be provided only the domain name, not for the page. Because in future if the page name has been changed your page getting passing the link juice to 404 page and your SEO Ranking may impact.


16. Use long tail keyword

Always use the long tail keyword for your content, this will be less the competition keyword and drive more traffic for your website.


17. Use LSI keywords

Select and use the LSI keyword to your website core keywords, this will improve the content density as well as the SEO ranking.


18. Social Share Button

All of your single post pages must be installed the Social share button, it will help the people recommend to others.


19. Update Themes and Plugin

Always update themes and plugin, this will help to improve the performance and fix the security issues.


20. Affiliate Plugin

If you implement the affiliate marketing on your website then you need to install the Thirst Affiliate plugin. This plugin will help to create the proper and SEO friendly external URL.


21. Filter the Commands

Spambots always post the commands for the website or blogs commands area. So must use the Akismet plugin to filter the SPAM commands.


22. Post only original content

If you accept the guest post then you have to review the uniqueness for the all guest post article by using plagiarism checker online tool.


23. Remove Category Keyword

To create the better SEO friendly you need to remove the Category from the URL. Remove Category URL Plugin helps easy to remove the keyword from the URL.


24. Random Post on Sidebar

Add the Random post plugin to the sidebar this will be helpful to a user can easily move the related articles. This will really increase the page view and reduce the website bounce rate.


25. Add Facebook Page

Add the Facebook Page to your WordPress website this will be easy to increase the page likes. You can install the Simple Facebook plugin to set up this process.


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Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of bloggingcrow.com, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email: mail@techiejey.com

Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of bloggingcrow.com, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email: mail@techiejey.com

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