How to make money from blogging?

Blogging is the really powerful platform to make money online with long term, but you have to setup some useful income resource in your blogs. Your blogs income should be coming from different resource then only you can go forward without any financial difficulties. Following steps guides you, how you can effectively earn money from your blogs.

Make Useful content with perfect layout:

Your blogs article information should be helpful for others, it should be updated and latest information then only returning visitors average will be increased. Your blogs template should be very usability for all level people to access easier. You have to publish the useful article once a day at least more than three articles per week.


Promote Social Media

After publishing the article you have to promote your blogs in all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. You can also make the video tutorials and publish in YouTube channel this will increase your blog’s audience.


Concentrate organic search results

Organic search is most important for all blogs, your blogs should be SEO friendly then only you will get the Organic search results from major search engines like Google and Bing. If you get the traffic from organic search results you will earn more money from online.


Publish Advertisement

After getting organic search results, you can sign up anyone Ads publisher network like Google AdSense, Yahoo Advertisement. Once Approved the Google AdSense or Yahoo Ads you can publish in your blogs with the right place. Please carefully publish the ads, you should not violent Ads network terms and conditions. If your blog’s traffic will be increased, then your income will be increased from the Ads network.


Make Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another one resource for earn money from your blogs. Many companies provide the sales commission if you refer your blog visitor to buy their products. You have to register the Affiliate account in the product sales company then include the links in your blog post. If your blog’s visitor read the article and click to buy the products then you will get the sales commission.


Sponsored post and Advertisements

Sponsored post is an easy way to earn money from your blog, you can review anyone of products and services and provide the link to sponsored websites. The sponsor paid to you for the links, you can fix the amount depend upon your blogs Alexa Ranking. Also, you can publish the sponsor banner advertisement in your blogs.


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Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email:

Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email:

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