Four Obsolete and Outdated SEO Techniques You Should Stop Doing

There has never been any doubt that in the world of online search, search engine optimization has always played an integral role in driving organic traffic to your website. In this regard, not only would your website get more views, but hopefully this very same traffic would resultantly become successful conversions. However, as the world of online search progressively evolves and continuously transforms every single day, adapting your techniques to accommodate such changes is not only recommended but paramount. Indeed, SEO can be a pivotal help in increasing your traffic, improving your search traffic which would ultimately result in a more successful website. But you have to do your part as well by doubling your efforts in refining your strategies.
Today, there are quite a lot of tactics and strategies that are no longer up to par in today’s online search world. While you may see some of these techniques can negatively impact your search rankings and may even hurt your website. To prevent you from committing any of these online SEO faux pas, it is recommended that you have an awareness of what these outdated SEO strategies are.


If you are currently working in a digital marketing agency in the Philippines or elsewhere and happen to be using any of the strategies listed below, think of the alternatives you can do to replace them accordingly:

1. Spammy Guest Blogging

Guest posting has been one of the excellent avenues for link building. However, Matt Cutts threw the world in shock when he proclaimed the end of guest blogging back in 2014. In fact, the news took the world of SEO by storm as legitimate guest blogging has always been regarded as a pillar of SEO—especially among bloggers. Unfortunately, this legitimate SEO strategy has been corrupted by spammers and has been turned into a black hat technique. Fortunately, guest blogging is not actually dead, but be careful to use only legitimate techniques and steer clear of spammy link building techniques. Take this caveat to heart, and you should be doing okay with guest blogging for linking building.


2. Over-Optimized Anchors

A technique heavily relied on SEO specialists was to put the keyword exactly as it is into anchor texts of both your internal and external links (in guest posts or website content). Back in the day, this used to be effective in getting your website ahead in the search rankings. However, utilizing this obsolete technique could cause Google to penalize you as to them, this is an unnatural link. In lieu of using exact keywords, phrase them into the text naturally. Concentrate on the users instead of the search engines.


3. Link Quantity Over Quality

More links do not always mean they are quality links. In this regard, you can have as many links as you have and they can never rival to one quality link. Back then, SEO specialists used to rely on spammy link tactics but more links are not always better. It seemed that having enough websites pointing to your webpage would make it soar in the search rankings. For this reason, people are still persistently using the same tactic. Unfortunately, with Google’s Penguin update, search engines care more about the relevance of your links rather than the sheer number of it. With this in consideration, consider refining your links instead of increasing them in volume.


4. Overdoing Keywords

While keywords have been vastly considered as pinnacles in SEO, this does not mean that you should abuse them or use them arbitrarily. It is not that keywords are not important, but while peppering your articles with them here and there is fine, overdoing them is an entirely different matter. A classic example would be to repeat the same long-tail keyword over and over again. Readers who may come across your website would see it as the online equivalent of a sales representative repeating the same things from the script. Focus on your content quality instead and use your keywords appropriately.


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Alice Molina

Alice Molina is the SEO expert, he loves to write SEO related news and articles

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Alice Molina

Alice Molina is the SEO expert, he loves to write SEO related news and articles

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