How To Start Your Own Affiliate Program Using Woocommerce Plugins?

This article is focused on how you can set up your affiliate marketing campaign. But, if you do not know the basics of affiliate marketing, it can be tough for you to sail through. Let’s talk about affiliate marketing. So what is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where content creator promotes somebody else’s product and makes a commission from each sale.

Today, Affiliate Marketing has become one of the most popular methods of earning money passively. Provided you have the right content ready to serve to your audience and the right plugins, for instance, Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin.


What marketing skills you must possess?

These things can help you to influence your audience to convert into the customers. Because you are paid only when you are able to make sales of your merchant’s product. The more sales mean more money making chances for you.

  1. With the help of your content, you can market somebody else’s product. But you have to keep in mind that your content is relevant to the product you are going to market.
  2. You must also make sure that you are an authoritative figure in that particular niche.
  3. You should try to be in the public eye as much as you can.
  4. You should also have the art of persuasive writing. When you are promoting some product it should not look overtly sales focused, as it can turn your audience off. And this can not only result in fewer sales of merchant’s product but it can also harm your reputation.
  5. While creating content for the purpose of affiliate marketing, you should follow some copywriting concepts. One of them is AIDA.
    A- Attention
    I- Interest
    D- Desire
    A- Action


This is a very simple technique. First, you have to grab the attention of the audience. You can do this by writing a catchy headline for your content. Then you have to offer them something interesting so that they can stick to your content for a long period of time. Once you have an audience which is interested in your content, that’s the time when you have to create a burning desire in the mind of the consumers for the product you are promoting through your content.


The final step would be to pitch a call to action where you ask your audience to make a purchase. You should also tell them the benefit of using that product or service that gives them an extra push to complete the action. And that’s how you can be a successful affiliate marketer. This is a win-win situation for everybody. Merchant is happy because you helped him to increase the product sales. A customer is happy because he got a good product/service and you are happy because you made a good commission out of this deal.


So now let’s talk about the plugins which you can use for affiliate marketing. Here is the list of some of the top

Woocommerce Affiliate Plugins.

1. SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System:

This is a very easy and simple affiliate system. The process or approach is very easy to follow. The users can sign up for the affiliate program in order to start the promotion of products in the site. An affiliate will earn commission every single time when a user purchases a product by clicking on the affiliate link.


2. WooAffiliates – WordPress Plugin:

This is one of the most powerful plugins. It helps in easy product import, advanced search and geotargeting. Not only this, it also has features like facilitation in bulk import. This plugin helps in getting the commission from some of the biggest online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Envato Market.


3. WPCJ Pro – WooCommerce CJ Affiliate WordPress Plugin:

If you want to become a CJ affiliate then this plugin will help you transform your WooCommerce market or store into an affiliate website by It imports the items automatically. This plugin has some really good features such as cron job scheduling, import options and dedicated support at all times.


4. WooCommerce-Probox:

This plugin offers a unique approach to affiliates. It let you, users and visitors, to customize the way product’s widget looks so that they can place it in their own websites. It allows them to easily copy a line code on their website. This allows you to make a widget generator for your visitors and in turn, allows them to create custom snippets which they can place in their own website for referrals.


5. Walmart to WooCommerce Affiliate:

You can use Walmart to WooCommerce plugin to easily wire up your affiliate WooCommerce store. You can use your Walmart affiliate link share id to switch from WooCommerce site to Walmart and can easily earn the commission. This plugin will help you to create and build your own Walmart affiliate store.


6. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin:

This one is among the most powerful plugins as it helps feature your own affiliate program. It is integrated with WooComerce, Easy Digital Downloads, PayPal, and Stripe. This plugin has some of most amazing features such as performance bonuses and banner management, unlimited affiliates and special offers, rankings and commission levels, referrals and social shares, and PayPal and Stripe Payouts. Not only these, it also provides features such as free logins, register, account page templates and much more.


7. WooCommerce eBay Product Import Manager:

It will help you to earn the commission as an eBay affiliate. You can import your eBay store produce by store or seller name. You can also do it by item id as well. There are various other options as well to import such as by keyword, upc/ean/isbn, product url and category URL.


8. WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin:

This plugin will make you (affiliates) earn credit points whenever their users make a purchase of any of your products from the online store. This plugin is configurable from WooCommerce settings. It provides features such as setting up of custom credit and redemption limits, it also provides full admin reporting of registered users, global or product specific settings and shortcode support.


9. WordPress Monetize Now:

This plugin connects to your Envato account and then you will have all the statistics in your WordPress admin. Also, it will provide the last statement. This plugin is very easy to install. It requires no coding Experience and knowledge. It provides building Shortcode Generator.


10. RelaZone – Related Amazon Products:

By using this plugin you can easily advertise Amazon products with your WooCommerce products. It is a great way if you want to start your own products. The features include post, page, store product display options, six front-end templates, amazon affiliate compatible, link products to keywords, 90-day cookie and much more.

So, if you want to start your own affiliate program make sure that you use quality plugins like WooCommerce plugins that provide the essential solutions to start the affiliate program for your own products. You can select anyone or more these as these are worth trying.

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Mohd Sohel Ather

Mohd.Sohel Ather loves to write the gadget-related articles, mostly iPhone and iPad and Android related articles.

Mohd Sohel Ather

Mohd.Sohel Ather loves to write the gadget-related articles, mostly iPhone and iPad and Android related articles.

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