Why Blogging is More Powerful?

“Blogs”, This word is a different kind of thinking to various people, some people thinks the blog is the collection of useful information website, the blog is improve writing skills, the blog is making money from online, in my opinion, a blog is included all of these thinks. Already more than millions of blogs online; still every day more than 100 new blogs are going to online. What are blogs, why blogs increased day by day? This post briefly describes about blogs and how to start blogging with make money online.
why blogging more powerful

What is blogs?

Typically from the beginning, people started blogs for informing their personal opinion to others. This is very helpful for many peoples like as forum, but blogs are more powerful because it is briefly explained about the solutions for any problems. People helps to others by making the articles, how they are solved their problems, the visitor also raise the questions by using comments. Nowadays all area experts run the blogs and share the useful information to others.


Easy way to start blogs

Starting the blogs is easy jobs for everyone, many free online blogs website available such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and much more. But if you would like to make money from your blogs you have to maintain your own domain name and web hosting, because best SEO support getting own domain name rather than sub domains. If you would like your blogs needs more traffic, your blogs should be online without any downtime. This will need more bandwidth, so you need to have own best web hosting.


Some best CMS open source available for a start the blogs like Joomla, WordPress and much more, but you have to choose the best one. Joomla and WordPress both are the best for start blogging, both are supported SEO friendly but you have to choose the WordPress. Because WordPress is lightweight application rather than Joomla and more than 10 thousands plugins available so you never need to make custom development for your blogs. If you need any features in your WordPress blogs you can just download and install the plugin without anyone help.


Promote blogs

After successfully installed the blogs you have to promote your blogs for increasing the Web traffic. Promoting your blogs you don’t need to spend money for listing search engine results; just add your domain URL in all major search engines and make SEO friendly. Search engine bots crawl your blogs and listed in their search results if your keyword matched in user queries.

Basically, SEO ranking will get many ways such as Organic search, direct visit, social media sharing, and backlinks. Organic search is most important for every blog; because if you get more traffic from organic search, your blogs is optimized for best SEO.


Make money with blogs

If your blogs getting more traffic then you can make money; you can also many ways to make money from blogs like add sponsored post, AdSense, Ads banner and backlinks to another website. Google AdSense is most popular Ads channel; by publishing these Ads in your blogs you can earn more revenue. Another way to make money by paid review post; you can review useful products and write the article then publish in your blogs with products page link.


Moreover blogging is the best way to make money online; many bloggers doing full-time job and make money with their blogs.


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Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of bloggingcrow.com, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email: mail@techiejey.com

Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of bloggingcrow.com, Here you can find Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Make money online tips. You can also engage via email: mail@techiejey.com

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